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Five year old Miles Scott becomes the Bat kid on November 17th, 2013. At 10:15 AM, he rescues a damsel in distress; at 11:15 AM he prevents a bank robbery and at 1: 15 PM rescues Lou Seal – saving Gotham City from certain doom at the hands of Riddler, the villain. The city folk of Gotham City hail the draped crusader as their savior and turn up in huge numbers on the street to cheer him and hail him hero. A grateful Mayor of Gotham City felicitates the Bat Kid in the City Hall at 2 PM.

This is no script for a Batman series on TV.

San Francisco turns itself into Gotham City; Lamborghini donates a bat mobile; an actor plays Batman to give company; City Police Chief himself plays the role of Gotham City Police Commissioner; City Mayor plays the role of the distraught Gotham City Mayor; volunteer women play the role of the damsel in distress and Lou; an actor plays the role of the green clad villain Riddler; the City police turn up at places of crime and wriggle their helpless hands, outsmarted by ‘Riddler’; the city traffic aligns itself to give precedence to the Bat Mobile, watching in awe their capped crusader go from crime scene to crime scene defeating the villain; the city news papers come out with a special edition of Gotham City Chronicle screaming the head line ‘Bat Kid Saves City’ and the media in San Francisco runs live coverage of his ‘exploits’ on virtually every channel.

That is not all.

Actor Ben Affleck tweeted live – ‘Batkid. Best Batman ever’.

President Barack Obama puts out a video on Vine – ‘Way to go, Miles. Way to save Gotham’.

The five year old Miles Scott has leukemia and has been under treatment for two years. He is a Batman fan. The Make A Foundation of USA decided to help the kid live his dream for a day – to be Batman!! What started as a small initiative to get him batman drapes and perhaps a ride in a car around the city turned into a day when Miles Scott lived ‘Batman’ with San Francisco going out of its way to be part of his dream.

Honestly, my son, wife and I cried as we watched the event on YouTube. The human touch was so overwhelming that we wished and prayed Miles Scott the best of everything that he (and his parents) could ever hope for. Our prayers will remain with him.

The Make A Wish Foundation of USA deserves a standing ovation – our wishes and blessings to its volunteers in whatever they do. There are millions of children in this world who need care, dignity and love. May your service reach as many as the will God would grant!

Thank you, the Hindu, for the lovely coverage on Metro Plus, 21 Nov, in your Chennai edition, from where I read the story and then went on the net.

I must say it this way: Compassion must become a passion.

I salute the Mayor, Chief of Police and the Citizens of San Francisco. You are simply wonderful. You have demonstrated that in a world that is ridden with strife and suffering, you stand tall with a heart filled with compassion. Behind the shine and blind of worldly affairs, you are darlings with a heart of gold. Good Show, Frisco. Live the way you are!  


PS: In case you have missed, here is the YouTube link to watch the Bat kid in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrkoNjbSRBg